Adamson Alumni Hall of Honor


T he Distinguished Alumnus Hall of Honor Award was established to honor Oak Cliff High School and Adamson High School graduates and former students who have made significant contributions to society and whose accomplishments and careers have brought credit to the institution.

To be considered for the Award, an individual must be:
a. Distinguished in his or her business, profession, life work, or other worthy endeavor.
b. A person of such integrity, stature, and demonstrated ability that the faculty, staff, students, and alumni will take pride in, and be inspired by his or her recognition.
c. A person who demonstrates a continuing interest in Adamson High School.
d. A person who, in deeds and action, reflects and recognizes the importance of his or her education at Oak Cliff/Adamson High School, who demonstrates pride in the alma mater, and whose interest and loyalty are evident.
e. A person who received a diploma from Oak Cliff/Adamson High School, except in the case of persons who left school early due to war-time military service.
f. A person who has been out of the school for at least ten years.