Outstanding Alumni and Faculty Hall of Honor Inductees

The Hall of Honor Award was established to honor former students of Oak Cliff High School and W. H. Adamson High School who have distinguished themselves in their careers, made significant contributions to society, and whose accomplishments and contributions have brought credit to the institution.  In the case of former faculty members, who were added to the Hall of Honor inductions in 2013, we also honor devoted teachers and administrators who left a lasting, positive impression on their students.  Adamson Alumni Association members in good standing (current dues paid) may submit nominations each year for the upcoming year's Hall of Honor inductees, which are then considered and voted on by the Board of Directors. The induction ceremony takes place during the All Class Reunion program.

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1924 Edwin Ford Beckenbach

1920 E. King Gill

1963 Henry "Hank" Price

Elizabeth Baker (faculty 1903-1949)*





1952 Gary Marrs (alumnus and faculty)*

1930 Col. George McDowell

Wilhelmina Hedde (faculty 1939-1963)*







1965 Lon Oakley, Jr.

1923 Julian Lon Tinkle

Eunice Tilley (faculty 1925-1965)*






1953 Paul Tadlock

1961 Stanley Zareff

1926 Jane Etheridge (alumnus and faculty)*






1953 Richard Geiger

1922 Frank W. Mayborn

John "Jake" Carter (faculty ______)*






1931 Julius "Judy" Truelson

1942 Bob Bearden







1926 Michael "Pinky" Higgins

1948 Basel Pruitt

1948 Kal Segrist






1935 Verna Tredwell

1951 Jerry C. Gilmore

1950 Thomas Yium






1924 William Jennings "Red" Bryan

1964 William H. Lively







1943 Troy "Tom" Chandler

1941 Frances Dobbins McDowell

1933 John Franklin “Johnny” Sprague






1936 Alfred E. Coffey

1946 Elayne Hardison Geer

1926 Ira Hopper






1942 Nick Lanza, Jr.

1923 William Crenshaw “Dub” Miller

1933 Mary Frances Tidwell (Mims) McCubbin






1947 Billy Eugene Brice

1944 Van Calvin Ellis

1929 Joe Richard Pool






1925 Maurice Acers

1937 Gladys Childress Shook

1924 Allen Melton






1925 Sam Dealey

1935 Charles Cameron Sprague, MD

1939 James C. “Jim” Wright, Jr.




*In 2013, the Hall of Honor began including faculty and administrative staff. These individuals are designated by an asterisk following their names.