W. H. Adamson Landmark

After many intense discussions about the old high school building and an intense landmark protection request, the Association and the Building Preservation Committee were able to get historic landmark status for the original W. H. Adamson High School Building. Planning and work is ongoing for development of an Oak Cliff/Adamson High School Museum to be located in the old building. The Alumni Association has been advised that the DISD currently has plans to open a specialized subject matter school in the near future in the old building, which will entail upgrades for the building and should make way for the planned museum.

W. H. Adamson High Centennial

When W. H. Adamson High School building reached its 100th year, a celebration was held. The Alumni Association Board organized the parade and reunion program and events involved in the celebration of the building's centennial.  -- MORE TO COME:  Come back here for more on the 2015 centennial celebration, including photos!

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