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Adamson High School partners with the North Texas Food Bank and has a food pantry on the school premises, which directly benefits the students and families of the Adamson HS communitiy. YOU CAN HELP! Bring canned goods and other non-perishable food items to the school on any school day and leave with the front office or with Mrs. Garcia, the community liaison. You can also bring your donations to the All Class Reunion next April. This is an easy and much appreciated way to help the current students and their families -- our future alumni members!


The goal of our non-profit organization, comprised of former students, is to promote and preserve the legacy of William Hardin Adamson High School, formerly called Oak Cliff High School, and to help our alma mater provide the best possible education for its students, continuing the school's grand tradition of excellence in education. Additionally, we provide opportunities for alumni to reconnect, socialize, network, and just plain have fun celebrating our alma mater and our teenage years at Adamson.


We are actively investing in the future of the school and its students by mentoring, volunteering, and awarding scholarships. We also consider and often grant requests from faculty members for assistance in purchasing much-needed equipment and other items and covering expenses when the DISD funds do not cover the requests. We all know that teachers often spend their own money to supply things needed for their classrooms and the students; our Alumni Association funds help relieve them of some of that financial burden. If you haven't already, please become a member of the Adamson Alumni Association and join in our efforts to help Adamson High School be a shining star of the DISD, and to secure its legacy as the oldest and finest high school in Oak Cliff!