W.H. Adamson High School : THE NEW BUILDING

The new high school building's first class bell rang in August 2012. The home page of this website displays an aerial view of the entire campus. The Dallas skyline is visible from several areas of the new school building, forming an inviting background for students' studies. The school now boasts a beautiful, high tech library with lots of light from glass walls giving a grand view of the Dallas skyline. On the main floor, the school cafeteria also opens onto a large deck area, and offers a fabulous view of the city.

The new campus is more than just the sleek new building pictured above!  Directly across the street is a fabulous new building that houses the automotive shop, where students learn how to and actually work on a variety of vehicles, developing important life skills as well as mechanical skills and knowledge that can help them obtain employment in an industry that is ever-changing and where well-trained mechanics are always in demand.

In addition, there are new parking lots on the east side of the old school building and south sides of the campus, along with new athletic fields for the various school teams.

-More to come! We will add photos of the new building and campus, with additional information about the events leading up to its opening.